AC Delco 213-148 GM OEM ENGINE 3.4L Crank Shaft Position Sensor 97-05 GM Cars Chevy Olds Buick Passenger Mini Vans New

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97-14 GM Cars 3.4L V-6


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This part generally fits Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac vehicles and includes models such as 6000, Achieva, Alero, Aztek, Beretta, Cavalier, Celebrity, Century, Corsica, Cutlass, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Firenza, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Impala, Lumina, Lumina APV, Malibu, Montana, Monte Carlo, Regal, Rendezvous, S10, Silhouette, Skylark, Sonoma, Sunbird, Trans Sport, Venture with the trims of Base Convertible 2-Door, Base Coupe 2-Door, Base Hatchback 5-Door, Base Mini Cargo Van 3-Door, Base Mini Cargo Van 4-Door, Base Mini Passenger Van 3-Door, Base Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, Base Sedan 4-Door, Base Sport Utility 4-Door, Base Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door, Base Wagon 4-Door, Brougham Sedan 4-Door, Brougham Wagon 4-Door, CL Sedan 4-Door, CL Wagon 4-Door, Cruiser Wagon 4-Door, CS Sedan 4-Door, CS Wagon 4-Door, Custom Coupe 2-Door, Custom Sedan 4-Door, Custom Wagon 4-Door, CX Plus Sport Utility 4-Door, CX Sport Utility 4-Door, CXL Plus Sport Utility 4-Door, CXL Sport Utility 4-Door, Estate Wagon 4-Door, Estate Wagon Wagon 4-Door, Euro Coupe 2-Door, Euro Sedan 4-Door, Eurosport Coupe 2-Door, Eurosport Sedan 4-Door, Eurosport Wagon 4-Door, GL Coupe 2-Door, GL Mini Passenger Van 3-Door, GL Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, GL Sedan 4-Door, GLS Coupe 2-Door, GLS Mini Passenger Van 3-Door, GLS Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, GLS Sedan 4-Door, Gran Sport Coupe 2-Door, Gran Sport Sedan 4-Door, GS Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, GT Coupe 2-Door, GT Hatchback 2-Door, GT Sedan 4-Door, GT Sport Utility 4-Door, GT1 Coupe 2-Door, GT1 Sedan 4-Door, GTP Coupe 2-Door, GTZ Coupe 2-Door, GX Coupe 2-Door, GX Sedan 4-Door, Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Convertible 2-Door, Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Coupe 2-Door, International Coupe 2-Door, International Sedan 4-Door, LC Coupe 2-Door, LE Convertible 2-Door, LE Coupe 2-Door, LE Sedan 4-Door, LE Value Leader Coupe 2-Door, LE Value Leader Sedan 4-Door, LE Wagon 4-Door, Limited Coupe 2-Door, Limited Sedan 4-Door, Limited Wagon 4-Door, LS Competition Coupe 2-Door, LS Coupe 2-Door, LS Extended Cab Pickup 2-Door, LS Mini Passenger Van 3-Door, LS Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, LS Sedan 4-Door, LS Sport Coupe 2-Door, LS Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door, LS Wagon 4-Door, LT Hatchback 5-Door, LT Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, LT Sedan 4-Door, LTZ Sedan 4-Door, LX Sedan 4-Door, Mclaren Coupe 2-Door, Montana Mini Passenger Van 3-Door, Montana Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, Olympic Gold Edition Coupe 2-Door, Olympic Gold Edition Sedan 4-Door, Plus Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, Premiere Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, Rally Sport Utility 4-Door, RS Convertible 2-Door, RS Coupe 2-Door, RS Hatchback 2-Door, RS Sedan 4-Door, RS Wagon 4-Door, S Coupe 2-Door, S Hatchback 2-Door, S Sedan 4-Door, SC Coupe 2-Door, SE Convertible 2-Door, SE Coupe 2-Door, SE Sedan 4-Door, SE Wagon 4-Door, SE1 Coupe 2-Door, SE1 Sedan 4-Door, SE2 Coupe 2-Door, SE2 Sedan 4-Door, SL Coupe 2-Door, SL Sedan 4-Door, SL Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door, SL Wagon 4-Door, SLE Extended Cab Pickup 2-Door, SLE Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door, SLS Extended Cab Pickup 2-Door, SLS Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door, Special Edition Sedan 4-Door, Special Edition Wagon 4-Door, Special Sedan 4-Door, Special Wagon 4-Door, STE Sedan 4-Door, Touring Sedan 4-Door, V Sport Utility 4-Door, Value Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, VL Coupe 2-Door, VL Sedan 4-Door, VL Wagon 4-Door, Warner Bros. Mini Passenger Van 4-Door, Z24 Convertible 2-Door, Z24 Coupe 2-Door, Z24 Hatchback 2-Door, Z26 Coupe 2-Door, Z34 Coupe 2-Door . The engine types may include 2.0L 121Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 2.0L 122Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 2.0L 122Cu. In. l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated, 2.2L 134Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 2.2L 2190CC 134Cu. In. l4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 2.4L 2392CC 146Cu. In. l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 2.8L 173Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.1L 189Cu. In. V6 FLEX OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.1L 189Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.1L 189Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Turbocharged, 3.1L 3136CC 191Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.4L 207Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated, 3.4L 207Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated, 3.4L 3350CC 204Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated. This part fits vehicles made in the following years 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.